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Polaris RZR Pro XP Billet Catch Can Kit (Vented) 2-12-130V

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use



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Polaris RZR Pro XP Billet Catch Can Kit (Vented/Race Only) 2-12-130V

This bolt on catch can kit checks all the boxes. Requiring no fabrication this system bolts on and gives you all components needed to plumb and build the kit in one shot. 

Like all of the SXS and for that matter any boosted application, oil catch cans are a must in removing oil particulate from the intake as oil in the intake charge is detrimental to an engine running properly and causes detonation. 

This kit is designed for Race Only applications and is not designed to be submerged as it is open element and can cause water to enter crank case if submerged.

This kit removes pressure and oil particulate charged air from the crank case, sends it through a dual baffle system in the catch can and then vents pressure to atmosphere.

The Motion SXS Top loader billet catch can creates an easy to route, maximum displacement catch can without sacrificing looks or orientation. Includes easy to use screw open or close petcock for draining catch can at regular intervals.

Included in this Kit:

-Motion SXS large Billet Top Loader Catch Can

-Polaris XP Pro Billet Crank Case Cover

-(1) 90 degree Fragola Push Lock AN Fittings 

-(1) 45 degree Fragola Push Lock AN Fitting

-(1) Intake Vacuum Plug (We recommend hose clamping this on to prevent it coming off and to avoid any dirt/water entering the system)

-(1) Push Lock Hose Section Fragola

-(1) CNC Laser/Formed Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket with Hardware

-(1) Engine to AN Billet Adapter

We use Fragola Hose and Fittings as they are Made in the USA of the highest quality.